[Marxism] Via Campesina: The end is near for Honduran coup regime; FoE call for world-wide solidarity

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Via Campesina: The resistance does not stop and President Zelaya arrives in
Honduras! In spite of the repression, the end is near for the coup regime!

By *Via Campesina*

September 22, 2009 -- After 86 days of struggle and resistance from the
heroic people of Honduras against the military coup, this day started the
fall of the coup regime with the arrival of the deposed president Manuel
Zelaya to Tegucigalpa. An enormous mobilisation of masses, from all corners
of the country, started to arrive to the capital city to receive president
Zelaya, to demand his restitution and put an end to the coup regime led by
Roberto Micheletti.

Since the early morning, once the news of the return of the president got
out, thousands of hondurans arrived first at the offices of the United
Nations and then marched toward the Brazilian Embassy to receive Zelaya.
There, president Zelaya met with a commission of the National Resisatnce
Front Against the Coup. Immediately the coupsters mobilised thousands of
soldiers and officials of the National Police to intimidate and try to
control the uncontainable wave of Hondurans who were yelling, Yes we can!
Yes we can! The aggressions and intimidations of military forces of the
regime, throughout the day, did not manage to intimidate or unmotivate the
pacific but militant and willing to resist, demonstration. Thus, the regime
decreed a curfew starting at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and Micheletti
issued a public warning of heightened enforcement against the people.

But no one can detain these heroic people.

Despite the machinery of repression of Micheletti’s coup regime, with
deaths, injured, imprisoned and disappeared, the people, gathered in the
National Resistance Front Against the Coup, the marches, the blockades, the
cultural activities of prostest and the concentration of masses have not
ceased, on the contrary, they have spread across the entire country in
opposition to the coup. Since the beginning, the resistence identified very
clearly their objectives:

1. The restoration of the legitimate presidency of Zelaya.

2. The celebration of a Constitutional Assembly.

3. Reform the constitution to construct a true popular and sovereign

Now is the beginning of the construction of popular democracy which
mobilised thousands of workers, peasants, women, indigenous, afrodecendents,
teachers, students, human rights activists and the general population, since
Sunday the 28 of June, when the military captured president Zelaya, deported
him to Costa Rica, and installed a usurper as president.

But also the most difficult phase of the struggle is to come, as the coup
regime, cornered by the popular struggle, is capable of committing bloody
repressions in an attempt to seize power. The following days will be the
most difficult for the resistance struggle.

Therefore, La Via Campesina makes an urgent call to its member
organisations, to allied social movements and all people of the world to be
on red alert and dispatch international solidarity as widely as possible to
detain attempts of tragic repression against the Honduran people and its
leadership, and to ensure the immediate fall of the coup. We are making a
call to send international missions to accompany the Honduran people in
these next days, and to demand that your goverments acts now to put an end
to the coup regime and to collect funds to economically support the

Via Campesina

* La Via Campesina
International peasant movement
Movimiento campesino internacional
Mouvement paysan international

secretaria operativa/operative secretariat:
Jln. Mampang Prapatan XIV no 5 Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12790 Indonesia

Tel/fax: +62-21-7991890/+62-21-7993426
Email: viacampesina at viacampesina.org

Friends of the Earth International: A call for world-wide solidarity against
the repression in Honduras

By *Nnimmo Bassey*


September 22, 2009 -- Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) applauds the
return to Honduras of its legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, who has taken
refuge in the embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa. At the same time we note
with grave concern the siege on the Brazilian embassy and the increase in
repression following the return of President Zelaya. Friends of the Earth
International denounces the gross human rights violations in Honduras
perpetuated by the illegitimate government. This repression violates
international norms and cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

The people of Honduras have stood firmly by their legitimate president and
have not wavered since the day the unfortunate usurpation of power took
place on 28 June 2009.

Friends of the Earth International calls on the international community to
pressure the illegitimate authorities in Tegucigalpa to step aside for
dialogue and for the completion of term of the legitimate president.

Specifically, Friends of the Earth International calls on the Security
Council of the United Nations to take immediate actions to stem the rise of
violence in Honduras.

We also assure the peoples of Honduras of the continued support and
solidarity of our 77 groups and 2 million members spread around the world.

Nnimmo Bassey, chairperson, Friends of the Earth International

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