[Marxism] Character of Assembly Line Work

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 26 07:33:37 MDT 2009

I think we're missing the "totality" of assembly line production if we 
concentrate on automobile manufacturing which has undergone tremendous 
technological transformation reducing the labor time necessary for auto 
production by some 60 percent.

If we want to look at "modern" assembly line production, we need to look at 
those "lighter" industries that have developed and developed through the 
exploitation, mainly, of female labor.  We need to look at food-processing 
plants [particularly chicken products], electronic component assembly, 
textiles and clothing-- we need to look at the maquilladoras, internal and 

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>> A lot of manufacturing jobs actually do not require humans to spend
>> any effort. = 

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