[Marxism] LATIRADICAL: Honduras coup ups the ante

Ratbag Media ratbagradio at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 23:41:16 MDT 2009

Inside the Brazilian embassy
Andres Conteris, journalist for "Democracy Now" is inside the
Brazilian Embassy in Honduras with President Zelaya where he has taken
refuge until he is restored to his legitimate role. The Brazilian
Embassy is under siege by the Honduran armed forces who have attempted
to cut food supplies, water and electricity, jam communications and
set up sound boxes designed to emit high pitched, irritating high
decibal noise inside the Embassy grounds.

Andres speaking with community radio station 2NimFM and Latin Radical
describes the situation there just a few hours after the Honduran
military pumped some kind of noxious gas into the Embassy grounds.

More h Honduran coverage on LatinRadical:


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