[Marxism] Urgent!!! repost widely! Iraq Vet and Co-founder of CT Iraq Vets Against the War detained at G20 protest

Christopher Hutchinson christopher.hutch at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 10:57:21 MDT 2009

Brothers and sisters--

Last night, Iraq veteran and co-founded of the Hartford chapter of Iraq
Veterans Against the War, Army Sgt. Jeff Bartos, was arrested at the G20
protests in Pittsburgh while giving medical attention to a protester who had
been tear gassed.

The evening of September 25, 2009, marked the end of week-long protests
against the Pittsburgh G20. Before returning home, a large group of
activists gathered in Schenley Plaza for what they had heard would be a
concert. Upon entering the park they were greeted, instead, with a number of
police. The police told the group to leave the Plaza, and the activists
cooperated; nevertheless, the group was forced into the Cathedral lawn and

Approximately 65 people, including veterans, students, medics and
journalists, were rounded up and arrested. Although most have reported being
released without charges around 7:30am this morning, Jeff Bartos remains in
custody, somewhere between the Pittsburgh SCI (where most of the arrested
were initially brought) and Allegheny County Jail (where they are being
held). Earlier this morning, we were informed that the plastic cuffs Jeff
was arrested in had cut off the circulation to his hands, which began to
turn blue, and that the police refused to loosen them.

Solidarity actions are taking place outside of the jail, but all of those
interested in contacting Jeff or to demand his release, try the following

SCI Pittsburgh

(412) 761-1955

Allegheny County Jail

main line- (412) 350-2000

booking- (412) 350-2010

booking, line 2- (412) 350-2009

Pittsburgh Mayor's Office

(412) 255-2626

For more info contact in Connecticut:

Christopher Hutchinson 860-989-1884 Christopher.hutch at gmail.com

Marissa Blaszko: 860-218-0566 marissablaszko at gmail.com

In Pittsburgh

Jeff Panetierre: 203-543-6966

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