[Marxism] Ann Coulter: Ready for the ash-can? A Marxist view.

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 12:51:01 MDT 2009

Booth never opposed the war.  He was always an ardent secessionist.

The idea that Booth was any sort of a radical was probably picked up from
one of her "researchers" who may have scanned a recent book on the
Confederate underground.  (I can't name it.  Every other month some buff or
other excretes one of these....)  Unfortunately, one of the Civil War buffs
included this in a book somewhere that described Sanders as a "red
revolutionary," an advocate of "proletarian revolution" and it maybe even
called him a Marxist.

Sanders was a Marxist in the same way that Obama is one.  These people are

Booth's most likely "handler" was a rather entrepreneurial free lance
Confederate agent in Canada named George Nichols Sanders.  Appointed for a
consular position in London, Sanders horrified the British government by
going there and hosting a large banquet for exiled European
revolutionaries.  Alexander Herzen described it as a red republican banquet
hosted for black slavery.  All sorts of veteran revolutionaries showed up to
drink Sander's bourbon and British protests persuaded the U.S. Senate not to
approave Sander's appointment.  Sanders was an absolutely unique character
who described the 1848 revolutions as revoloutions for white Europeans that
had nothing to do with black slavery in America.

A friend of mine hopes to write a biography of Sanders someday.  Some of his
odd story--and Booth's--will be in a book I hope to get into print next year
some time....


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