[Marxism] Real News video; The siege of Tegucigalpa

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 22:49:47 MDT 2009

A very good overview of this situation. The battle in Honduras is extremely
important for the world, it is the sharp edge of corporate power,. Unarmed,
the Honduran poor are confronting the military might of the empire (every
officer in Honduran military is trained by the US at SOA). The social
content of the right of the Honduran people to determine their government is
the right of hte Honduran people to eat. That is what they are fighting for
— the right to have policies that advance the rights of the poor, tha tis
the social content to the cosntituent assembly push. And hte social content
of the coup is US corporations stopiing this from happening. US texting and
agribusiness companies released statements this year complaining when Zelaya
increased the minimum wage by 60%.

And hte poor of Honduras are imposing themselves onto the situation. They
are stopping the plans of mighty corporate power. And if they win, it will
be a big blow agaisnt corproate power that will reveberate throughout the
world. Just because it is Honduras and not Western Europe doesn't mean the
uprising of the HOnduran people is not extremely signifiant — the class
struggle inHonduras is a central global battle.


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