[Marxism] Chávez and Holocaust indifference

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Sep 27 12:36:55 MDT 2009

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx wrote:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V3luj9gs1c
> The video shows Chávez coming out of the UN assembly being faced by a Fox reporter. The reporter asked Chávez, in a serious tone, why he is friends with Ahmedinejad who denies the Holocaust and represses his own people. Then, Chávez, before even trying to answer the question, asked the reporter what the channel he worked for was and, as the reporter tells him it is Fox, Chávez starts laughing off in his face, tell him his question is 'artificious', and proceeds to rant about how Fox dares to criticize Ahmedinejad when they never said anything about how Bush killed millions of Iraqis, and how he was a genocidal maniac, and how they hide the massive killings of American Indians, and how they are creating the racist anti-Obama hysteria; he leaves by saying “I’m friends with my friends, and that’s that.”
> And for all that finnesse, Chávez simply disregards the question of Holocaust denial and other lesser details about oppressed Iranian workers. In some quarters of the left, this is seen as just how bad a motherfucker –not in the pejorative sense- Chávez is. Indeed, the FOX reporter might very well have been told by the CIA to ask this question, but, and this might just be my counterrevolutionary sense of smell, this still shows Chávez displaying how Bolivarianism ‘could’ just be about plain capitalist integration with all its bonapartist accoutrements. Beyond any seemingly sectarian anti-Chavizmo, I see this as pointing to the possible limits of the transformation in Venezuela, limits to be overcome, that is. 
> Fox deserved better!...sort of…
> In his piece about Perón, Louis says that anti-Peronist (or anti-populist) readings of Chávez are naïve or something along those lines, I’m not quoting verbatim, (and I couldn’t find the second part of the piece.) I actually have much better hopes for Chávez than Perón, but I don’t recall the general was as crass as this when being interviewed. 		 	   		  

I think that Chavez's refusal to disavow Ahmadinejad's bad behavior is 
one of his weakest aspects politically but perhaps his way of following 
in Fidel's path, with all its downsides. After all, the Cubans did not 
say a single word condemning the Mexican government's slaughter of 
students in 1968. This is compensated by all his other good deeds, however.

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