[Marxism] Chavez was right [was: RE: Chávez and Holocaust indifference]

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx xxxxxxx99 at xxxxxxx.xxx
Sun Sep 27 16:13:32 MDT 2009

Joaquín wrote:


"When FOX and the rest of the three letter alphabet soup of TV news
organizations start asking American presidents about the incessant English
glorification of its genocidal colonial past (not to talk about the
present), then we can take their questions about Holocaust denial at face

Don't hold your breath."


I thought it was clear by the tone that I didn't actually mean that "FOX deserved better!" and that I'm therefore no fool who takes their Holocaust denial ploys at face value. Hmmm...maybe next time I'll defend FOX in the christian fascist lists so that I don't get misinterpreted.


The point is Chávez evades the question because he wants to, or rather, sees it as necessary to, build a political-economic (those are different sides of the same coin) alliance with Ahmedinejad. If you think this is something to celebrate, then "unthinkingly" is perhaps a word which this disagreement should have started with in the first place.

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