[Marxism] Fwd: Chávez and Holocaust indifference

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 16:58:04 MDT 2009

Sorry for XxxxXxxx and all the square-amgle minded "Leftists" that so
much abound in this antidialectical academic world of ours, but yes,
XxxxXxxx, Chávez´s  Bolivarianism IS "just be about plain capitalist
integration with all its bonapartist accoutrements", which indeed is
"pointing to the possible limits of the transformation in Venezuela",
which of course are "limits to be overcome".

But this is precisely why Chávez´s Bolivarianism is miles ahead _on
the path of revolution_, miles and miles ahead of self-ptroclaimed
socialists who can´t understand that no Fox reporter has the slightest
right to ask Chávez, of all men on the world, what does he think about
Ahmadi Nejad and the Iranian regime.

Chávez, the Bonapartist bourgeois (in a semicolonial country, mind
you, XxxxXxxx) Chávez, understands some basic issues regarding
imperialism that "pure" leftists can´t even fathom. For example, that
the Fox chain does not work against Ahmadi Nejad and the Iranian
republic out of revolutionary zeal, but in order to target them as
would-be enemies of humankind, thus preparing an imperialist attack or
aggression on the Iranian people by way of Demonizing their current
leadership (who, yes, yes, yes, are "anti-Socialists", but at the same
time try to make Iran independent, as independent as capitalism in
Iran allows, of imperialist will).

The Fox chain, something that Chávez the bourgeois knows far better
than XxxxXxxx the "leftist", works for US American imperialism, and is
thus as directly responsible for the fate of European Jews as any US
American bourgeois, included those US American Jews who picketed
against the US buying German made goods during the early 30s after
Hitler came to power, to the desperation of German Jews who understood
that the more Germany was to be squeezed the more the Jews in Germany
would be persecuted. Ahmadi Nejad is quite crude, as most Iranian
politicians are, regarding Holocaust. But he is not a Holocaust denier
in the sense US American anti-semites are.

If only our "leftists" were a dram as socialists as the bourgeois
Chávez is, we would have advanced a lot on the road towards socialist
revolution. Marx is still sowing dragons and reaping -what?

As to the hopes XxxxXxxx places on Chávez as against Perón, well, they
don´t matter at all. Not here, not there, not anywhere in fact. It is
the peoples who make their history, and by putting themselves on the
opposite side of the street to concrete and acting national
revolutionary movements in Latin America, "leftists" of this kind give
socialism a bad, bad name among the working masses. Which is, lest
some forget, where socialism is.


Néstor Gorojovsky
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