[Marxism] Michael Moore interview with Bill Maher

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It's not a moral question-- "Can [is it proper for] markets to be used--  
it's a historical question-- what makes use of the markets necessary?  Why 
would markets be restored, and what social forces are at work that call the 
markets into being and are, in turn, reinforced by the market reproduction?

And when we search through that lens, we will find 1) overall decline in 
industrial productivity 2) inability to transform and sustain agricultural 
productivity beyond either the "subsistence +" or the wasteful collective 
farm/state farm models.

Restoration of markets is a step backwards as it measure the insufficient 
development of the means of production, and the producers, to accomplish 
production for use, for need, rather than exchange.  Might be necessary, but 
it doesn't change the direction of the step.

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>I would recommend the chapter in *After Capitalism* which critiques
> Mondragon.  Markets can still be used in a post capitalist society for
> consumer goods provided control of investment is socialized.  I would add
> that Mondragon, which I by no means idealize is , is subject to the laws 
> of
> the market, but not exactly capitalistic social relations in the 
> production
> process.

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