[Marxism] Chavez was right [was: RE: Chávez and Holocaust indifference]

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Sun Sep 27 20:10:05 MDT 2009

Again. I’ll put it as simple as I can; it seems no one can take a carping tinge to a comment on this touchy issue. I’m not here to blame Chávez, contrary to what Joaquín and Néstor, and the dialectic of course, are making this out to appear, and who instead want to talk about whether Chávez was or not in his ‘right’ to say what he did, right granted by whom? God? 

Whether the question came from Fox News is not what I’m going at, as I said in my previous message, I couldn't care less, I was being sarcastic!; but many a leftist, sorry: “leftist”, can and is question(ing) Chávez based on their apprehension regarding his friendship to petty mullah functionaries, and I think Chávez would have still evaded the question, certainly, with less flamboyance (note: a little sarcasm here) had it been me, or Amy Goodman. As Mina Khanlarzadeh pointed out Chávez "traveled to Iran when still the blood of Iranian women, workers and students stained the hands of Ahmadinejad."


I’m sorry, this moralist approach is not something I’m prepared to handle, all that I’m saying is Chávez needs, or is visibly (as IMHO the video shows) moving toward a closer and closer relation with Ahmedinejad, to do things, miles ahead as he is from my ““““““““leftism”””””””””, that may turn out to be not so good for workers. But hey, looking at Chávez’ actions instead of his abstract right to say this or that, that’s so anti-materialistically anti-dialectical: venom I say! 
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