[Marxism] Urgent - Honduras regime bloodbath threatened, solidarity needed

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Honduras: Regime prepares bloody crackdown, solidarity needed
28 September 2009


*The military dictatorship in Honduras, which overthrew elected President
Manuel Zelaya on June 28, is preparing a bloody crackdown on the mass
resistance of the Honduran poor demanding Zelaya’s return. Zelaya, who
secretly re-entered Honduras on September 21, is inside the Brazilian
embassy. The dictatorship has suspended constitutional liberties, expelled
representatives of the Organisation of American States, a key anti-coup TV
and radio station have been shutdown, and given Brazil 10 days to remove
Zelaya for its embassy in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. *

 The article first below is translated by Federico Fuentes from the
Venezuelan left-wing website Aporrea.org <http://www.aporrea.org/> on
reports emerging from Honduras of a bloodbath being prepared by the regime.
Fuentes, who is part of the *Green Left Weekly* Caracas bureau, said: “Here
in Venezuela a solidarity actions has been called for tomorrow morning. Now
the time to raise our voices as one in defence of the Honduran people.”

The second article is a message from *Democracy Now!* journalist Andres
Conteris, who is inside the Brazilian embassy with Zelaya, on the dangerous
escalation of repression and the need for solidarity action.

Please send urgent messages to Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith to
demand Australia join the chorus of international condemnation of the coup
regime and full diplomatic and economic isolation of it. In particular,
Australia must pressure the US to cut off all its aid to the Honduran
regime, freeze the bank accounts of the coup regime members and fully
isolate the regime until Zelaya is reinstated. For details on how to contact
Smith’s office, and for a sample letter released by the Socialist Alliance,
visit Socialist Alliance<http://www.socialist-alliance.org/page.php?page=872>.

* * *
Aprorrea.org, September 27 — Today, the team at Aporrea.org was in
communication with representatives of the resistance against the coup in
Honduras and with special envoys from Venezuelan alternative media outlets.

These sources informed us of a worsening of the situation in Honduras,
several days after the arrival of the constitutional President Manuel Zelaya
at the Brazilian embassy, and an upsurge of repressive actions
and violations of human rights on the part of the dictatorial regime.

To these repressive acts can be added the death of a resistance activist ,
as a result of inhaling the toxic gasses launched by the military into the
Brazilian embassy, and the deportation of the Organisation of American
States (OAS team — with the sole exception of a single member of US origins.

The “Goriletti” regime has sent an open challenge to all international
institutions. Behind this emboldened and quarrelsome posture is the covert
support of the US — a key element in the attitude taken by the usurper

According to the information obtained, a state of siege has been declared
and all constitutional guarantees suspended. This follows the 10-day
ultimatum given by the coup government for Brazil to define the status of
Zelaya, with the threat of carrying out possible military actions, such as a
raid of the Brazilian embassy.

Among the scenarios being talked about is the possibility of genocidal
actions, house raids and selective or mass arrests in the next few hours and
days. The resistance has adopted preventive measures in the face of this
repression, especially for tonight and in light of the call for a
mobilisation in Honduras tomorrow, that will be accompanied by solidarity
protests in many other cities of the world.

The people in resistance have decided to remain on the streets, holding
peaceful protests. They are also awaiting the response that the people and
government of Brazil could give in defence of the dignity and integrity of
their embassy.

* * *
, September 27 — The coup regime is about to impose a complete state of
siege in Honduras for 45 days. I have been with President Zelaya and 80
others in the Brazilian embassy for the past week. It is likely we will lose
all contact with the outside world.

The repression by the de facto regime has escalated beyond description. The
brutal tear gas attack that completely filled the embassy last Tuesday
(September 22) caused death and suffering. But that is small compared to the
horrific assault upon the Honduran people around the country seeking to put
in practice the III article of the Honduran Constitution: “No one should
obey a usurper government nor obey those who take on functions or public
positions through armed force.

“The people have the right to resort to insurrection in defense of
constitutional order.”

I feel deeply honored to be part of an inner circle of supporters of
President Zelaya and his efforts to restore constitutional government.

The international community has made good declarations in support of
restoring democracy to Honduras, but the coup regime pays no attention and
continues with its tyranny.

Please urge President Obama to impose a total trade embargo against the coup

Please join our Worldwide Fast for Honduras: People’s Nonviolent
Insurrection, www.fastforhonduras.net.

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