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> The point is Chávez evades the question because he wants to, or rather, 
sees it as necessary to, build a political-economic (those are different sides 
of the same coin) alliance with Ahmedinejad. If you think this is something to 
celebrate, then "unthinkingly" is perhaps a word which this disagreement 
should have started with in the first place.

  I actually do think that the unity of "Third World" countries is something to 

  One should remember also that both Iran and Venezuela were among the 
five founding members of OPEC [Organization of Petroleum Exporting 
Countries] in 1960, the cartel of "Third World" countries trying to break the 
control of the "Seven Sisters", i.e. the oil trusts of imperialist countries, over 
the world petroleum market. 

  Both countries have also undergone revolutionary changes since then. The 
1979 revolution in Iran and the election of Chavez (who had shown his colors 
by attempting a coup in 1992) in Venezuela gave those nations governments 
which are no longer minions of the imperialist interests. 

  BTW, Nestor Gorojovsky's contribution caused me to remember the most 
moving and politically significant scene in the Che Guevara motorcycle film, 
when at the last stage of their journey, during the festivities at the clinic, Che 
is swimming across the river, chosing the South Side, and not only of that 
river, but of the world and humanity. 

Comradely yours, 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

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