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Oh, I see, to be effective, to sternly develop the means of production, the 
vaguely social Bonaparte has to turn himself/herself into an Imperator, into 
a Commander, who will in turn convert himself/herself into an emperor.

And indeed he or she does, because whether of left or right, and history is 
full of examples of "left" Bonapartes becoming "right" Bonapartes, what 
unites all Bonapartes is the need, sooner or later, to bring the revolution 
to an end; to preserve the empire, as miserable and petty as it may or may 
not be.

It is not at all correct to establish the "origin" or the "function" of the 
little Bonapartes in a temporary "balance" or standoff  of conflicting 
classes-- the Bonaparte is the penultimate attempt of capitalism to preserve 
itself, to preserve its property, even when ceded to the government, against 
the prospects of social revolution.

Of course the ultimate attempt is the outright fascist dictatorship; itself 
a product of pre-emptive counterrevolution.

I know some people like to pride themselves on "not being Marxist," on this 
Marxist list;  but the sorts of contortions that justify, rationalize, 
identify as progressive "left" Bonaparte figures is nothing to be proud of.

So much for the self-emancipation of the working class.

And that's where this "specialism"  this third worldism gets us, one and 
all-- into the reproduction of caudilloism on a lesser or greater scale.

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I Please realize that the example of Cincinnatus can be counterposed by
the example of the Tribunus Plebis (e. g. the Gracchi), which figure to
become definitely effective had to turn itself into - Imperator!!! It is
seldom forgotten that the power of the Imperator, initially, came from
the remains of the Popular party, which was the characteristic party of
the Tribuni Plebis.

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