[Marxism] Chavez was right [was: RE: Chávez and Holocaust indifference]

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 28 16:41:03 MDT 2009

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx: "The point is Chávez evades the question because he wants
to, or rather, sees it as necessary to, build a political-economic (those
are different sides of the same coin) alliance with Ahmedinejad. If you
think this is something to celebrate, then 'unthinkingly' is perhaps a word
which this disagreement should have started with in the first place."

But why should Chávez answer any questions like this AT ALL? His job
description IS NOT "comment on current events" but "defend the national
interests of Venezuela." What is dismissed as an "alliance" with Ahmedinejad
which is not "something to celebrate" is instead the confluence of the
national interests of Venezuela and Iran, two countries that are special
targets of imperialism.

Chávez does not "evade the question." On the contrary, he exposes the
political motivation of those trying to drive a wedge between third world
countries for the benefit of imperialism. 


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