[Marxism] Michael Moore interview with Bill Maher

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Michael Moore is not "instinctively groping" towards anything.  First, Moore 
is not someone unfamiliar with the elements of Marxism and socialism.  So 
his presentation is not instinctive, unformed, "raw."  It is studied, 
crafted, prepared.He's no newcomer to this.

Secondly, he is an unrepentant endorser of Democrats, including Democrat 
general officers of the US military.

Thirdly, he wraps his anti-capitalism in a nostalgia for the decades gone 
by, and presidents gone dead, like FDR, as if somehow capitalism was more 
democratic in the 50s.  Keerist, he can't even get nostalgic for a decade of 
significant resistance to capitalism in the auto plants with the emergence 
of  D.R.U.M. and the creation of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

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