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Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 09:10:41 MDT 2009

XxxxXxxx´s letter on the Terrabusi / Kraft conflict was the last sign I 
needed to understnd that the whole thing about this issue is a perverted 
usage of Argentinean workers´ struggle, sparked by the perverted 
provocation of a US imperialist company, in order to put into narrow and 
dangerous straits the current Arg goverment. On a secod posting I will 
send the declaration in Spanish that the revolutionary socialists and 
Marxists in ARgentina, organized in Patria y Pueblo, have emitted 
yesterday. There is a bloc in Argentina today, formed by

the US Embassy,

the imperialist, monopolic and USAmerican Kraft owners,

the ultra-leftist leadership of the Kraft workers (who were FOR the 
oligarchic bloc during the debate on the exports tariff last year),

the media (who are hydrophobically fighting against the media law that 
the government tries to pass through the Congress),

the corrupt bureaucrats who lead the Foodstuff Union (who, BTW, are 
AGAINST the current leadership of the CGT workers union, and 
particularly against the Sec Gen of the CGT Hugo Moyano),

some "piquetero" movements such as the one led by Castells (who have 
hired themselves to the reaction, and who share the PCR origin with the 
current leadership of the Kraft workers).

This bloc has managed to turn a provocation by an US imperialist 
multinational corporation into a national, and now international, issue. 
The eventual victim of the whole thing, besides the workers of the Kraft 
company, is the Arg government. At the same moment I am writing these 
lines, the OFFICIAL Radio Nacional news show is defending the workers 
against the company through a very complete coverage of the conflict.

But of course Bernardo K., who is first and foremost an anti-Peronist 
abstract "Leftist", joins into the bandwagon of the antinational bloc.

Yes, now I have no doubt as to what is all this nasty issue pointing to.

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx escribió:
> The workers of Kraft (largest food and beverage company headquartered in the United States and the second largest in the world… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kraft_Foods)-Terrabusi, (something beginning with imp…imper…impes…it’ll come back to me) company which is supported by COPAL, owned by Zorroguieta, a minister of (yes yes yes) Jorge Rafael Videla, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, occupied the factory because the company didn’t comply with the conciliations and fired 160 workers, though maybe I'm biased. The workers, those “leftist” petty-bourgeois academicists, ask Mrs. anti-imperialism//anti-neoliberalism Kirchner “Where are you Mrs. President?”, “Donde está Señora Presidenta?”, then repression by the federal police ensued:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVpH2fXDQNM  

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