[Marxism] Bonapartism [Re: Chavez was right [was: RE: Chávez and Holocaust indifference]]

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 09:23:41 MDT 2009

I honestly don´t understand your pposting.

But of course it was not a "FOR YOUR INFORMATION".

If you mean that I don´t want to support a popular leader of a 
Bonapartist character in a semicolonial country against imperialism and 
its stooges, then you are not right.

I wanted to show that social groups whose development is inchoate due t 
the dictatorship they fight against may choose to support a Bonapartist 
leader against that dictatorship.

And though I would rather prefer another choice, if this is the will of 
the masses I will gladly accept it.

Clear, now?

In Anciet Rome, if I had been a Roman Citizen, I would have fought for 
the Popular party, while others might have offered Leftist support to 
the Senate. this is all.

S. Artesian escribió:
> It had nothing to do with Suresh's prior comment about a left-wing dictator 
> not being able to walk away from it all?  It was just a bit of historical 
> "for your information"?
> That's so much better--- or not, as the issue you do not engage is the hooey 
> about the "national democratic" "vaguely social" figure  "sternly" 
> developing the means of production contra the predations of advanced 
> capitalism-- and that that is the critical measure for judging the--- I 
> don't know what-- the progressiveness?  the supportability?-- of such vague 
> figures on horseback.
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