[Marxism] Bonapartism [Re: Chavez was right [was: RE: Chávez and Holocaust indifference]]

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Yes, I understand that you will gladly accept your place in queue of those 
lining up to support mini-Bonapartes, those min-Bonapartes proclaiming their 
willingness to struggle against imperialism, [even if, as history more than 
once shows, that struggle is more than less sound and fury signifying next 
to nothing].

I understood your position from the outset of the discussion.  I know that 
you will gladly support-- not DEFEND against imperialist attack as all would 
or should defend Iraq from imperialist attack, would or should have defended 
Iraq from sanctions after the first Gulf War, would or should defend 
Argentina from British attack in the Malvinas-- but support, endorse the 
policies of, suppress criticism of, the little man of the big horse.

This isn't about "choice."  This isn't about the "masses" choosing the 
little man or the big horse.  It's about historical necessity, class 
struggle, and what necessity the little man and his big horse serve.

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If you mean that I don´t want to support a popular leader of a
Bonapartist character in a semicolonial country against imperialism and
its stooges, then you are not right.

And though I would rather prefer another choice, if this is the will of
the masses I will gladly accept it.

Clear, now?

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