[Marxism] Hmmm…yeah…about that national - real life politics - front

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1) Argentina if it is not "in the lap" of the imperialists, is certainly 
within the network of international capital, certainly enmeshed in the 
demands, the cycles, contractions of the world market.

Recent example:  The Kirchner govt. has just reached a settlement of the 
remaining defaulted debt of about 20 billions dollars with the holdout 
bondowners.  The deal involves the Kirchner govt exchanging the bonds along 
the terms of the 2005 deal, for about 33 cents on the dollar.

Obviously, this deal is being undertaken so that Argentina can again access 
the international credit markets controlled, of course, by the 
anti-national, imperial US/EU banks.

2) If the Kirchner government falls, and it WILL fall, it will again be 
because of historical necessity, in that it could not contain the workers 
struggle, that it, that government was not Bonapartist enough-- that while 
it could debilitate, isolate, weaken the class struggle, it could not itself 
pre-empt the possibility of revolution with  a counterrevolution.

3) As the government of Isabel Peron did, such "national democratic" 
governments are quite capable however of unleashing the police/military in 
enough force to create the terms for their own overthrow.

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Yes, though this is not ME in all my glory. It is the antinational
front, all right and left together, against the current Argentinean
(yes, "bourgeois") government. This is what is acting in all its glory.

If these actions prosper, S. Artesian, you will see how Argentina will
fall down in the lap of the imperialists.

I guess they won´t prosper.

But this is what they aim at.

Believe it or not.

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