[Marxism] Hmmm…yeah…about that national - real life politics - front

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 11:05:37 MDT 2009

On private letter, I promised to the moderator that I would not answer 
to your provocations. So that I am just stating that IMHO this posting 
by you is a provocation and will get no answer by me. I hope this does 
not break my promise.

S. Artesian escribió:
> 1) Argentina if it is not "in the lap" of the imperialists, is certainly 
> within the network of international capital, certainly enmeshed in the 
> demands, the cycles, contractions of the world market.
> Recent example:  The Kirchner govt. has just reached a settlement of the 
> remaining defaulted debt of about 20 billions dollars with the holdout 
> bondowners.  The deal involves the Kirchner govt exchanging the bonds along 
> the terms of the 2005 deal, for about 33 cents on the dollar.
> Obviously, this deal is being undertaken 

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