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S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 29 12:04:07 MDT 2009

That's a provocation?  Those are facts.  Promise or no promise to the 
moderator or anybody else, what is a provocation is your "vision"  of a 
grand alliance/conspiracy of imperialism and "ultra-left" where any action 
by militants or workers that doesn't meet the "national standard" is 

Are you asserting that the Kirchner govt. has not concluded an agreement 
regarding the outstanding debt?

Are you asserting that the Kirchner govt. will not be replaced by a govt. 
more capable of containing, either through force or deception,  the workers 
struggle when that struggle intensifies?

Are you asserting that the government of Isabel Peron did not encourage, 
support, abet, etc. the police in their actions against militants and 
workers prior to the military coup?

The provocation lies within you, Nestor, not those who call you on this 
support for bourgeois bonapartism.

When I disagree with your posing, I am engaging in provocation?  To 
paraphrase James Connolly, "All hail then that provocation, the incarnation 
of progress."

Believe me, I'm not trying to provoke you.  I get no pleasure out of your 
histrionics.  I do think your views are absolutely anti-thetical to Marxism; 
are simply a baroque ideological construct for justifying suppression of 
class struggle in the "name" of the "nation," when that name is really 
capital in its local and international embodiments.

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On private letter, I promised to the moderator that I would not answer
to your provocations. So that I am just stating that IMHO this posting
by you is a provocation and will get no answer by me. I hope this does
not break my promise.

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