[Marxism] Fwd: [SV-Circle] Canadian troops to Honduras?

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 20:02:49 MDT 2009

this is an important email that raises the real potenjtial of a "Haiti
solution" - this is one possible way imperialism will seek to resolve the
conflict. We need to be aware that tsucn an internvetio9n, which will be
pitched as humanitarian to stop vi9lence and to help restore democracy, will
NOT be in favour of the Honduran people. It will be aimed at ensuring "calm"
- an end to the uprising. The resitance has clearly ssaid it rejhects
military intervention/

This is important because some of the US lft are calling for a UN
intervention - the COHA statment released yesterday and signed by Greg
grandin, Larry Bims, Mark Weisbrot and others calls for UN intervention.


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Date: 2009/9/29
Subject: [SV-Circle] Canadian troops to Honduras?
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Empresarios proponen que continúe el golpe sin golpistas


(An AFP report -- probably also available in French somewhere on the Web).

English summary -- http://hondurascoup2009.blogspot.com/

The coup regime gives every sign of desperately seeking a way out that will
nevertheless preserve their fundamental interests, even as the divisions
among them grow and are expressed publicly. This report is credible, among
other reasons because Adolfo Facussé was one of a handful of people who met
privately with the U.S. ambassador on Sunday shortly before the "state of
siege" was declared.

A variant of the Arias plan is being prepared, with Zelaya even more captive
than in the previous version. To ensure its enforcement, the U.S. will rule
the country using a contingent of some 3,000 troops from Canada, Panama and
Colombia. Canada! Columbia! In other words, they aim for a Haiti scenario.

This plan as reported is also consistent with the conduct of Canada and the
U.S. at the OAS meeting yesterday. The two countries blocked the adoption of
a resolution condemning the coup. The U.S. rep heavily criticized Zelaya for
returning to his own country, calling him irresponsible and foolish.
Clearly, such a man cannot be restored as president without some strong

No doubt our (“kindler and gentler”?) Canadian friends from Goldcorp and
Gildan Activewear are up to their necks in this business.

Despite its best efforts imperialism and its local satraps have not crushed
the Honduran resistance movement. The outcome still remains to be settled in
struggle. What we do, particularly concerning the “Canadian” aspect, can be
of some assistance.


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