[Marxism] Second Coup Fails

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 03:54:08 MDT 2009


Facusse’s proposal is in effect on behalf of The Third Coup, or at
least a trial balloon toward its attempt. But beyond its whacky
proposals above, The Third Coup has an even more fatal flaw: It was
developed in a back room by rich and powerful magnates, without so
much a consulting, much less dialoging with, a single worker, or
farmer, or student, much less their organizations that represent the
great mass of the mobilized Honduran people. For it is their power
from below that has prevented both malicious coups this year from
triumphing. No regime - not any more - can hold on to power in
Honduras unless it sufficiently satisfies the amalgam of social
movements that are now popularly referred to as The Resistance.

Furthermore, to attempt to reward Micheletti just two days after he
bared his despotic teeth – in effect, betraying his other coup
plotters in their lust for portraying this pustch as “not a coup” -
with a lifetime unelected post in Congress, as Facusse’s proposal
does, indicates a mindset so far removed from the realities
demonstrated over the past summer, so profoundly out of touch with the
overwhelming sentiment of the majority of his countrymen and women,
that it offers a glass window into the mysterious mind of the
oligarch, trying one more time to extract advantage over everybody
else, even as his best made plans come crashing down all around him.

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