[Marxism] Are worker-owned companies an alterative to capitalism?

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 30 09:12:48 MDT 2009

“The issue, however, is whether they are an alternative to
capitalism. They are not. The alternative to capitalism is socialism.” - Comment
by Jenny- September 29, 2009
My response:
I am working for the last 32 years for an Indian Government
owned Engineering giant, with operations all over the world. There is no trace
of anti-capitalism or even progressive thinking in the running of the company.
It is run just like any other successful private enterprise. The managers are
thoroughly conservative and my being one of them I often hear them wondering
how a government owned company like this can continue to make profits.
The secret lies in the workers, who actually feel proud to
work for this enterprise which is building the backbone of the Indian economy. While
many a government owned company had bitten the dust because of the pressures of
globalization, this company thrived and managed to acquire and rescue some
public enterprises, saving the jobs of thousands of other workers. Now this
company is planning to acquire plants in Eastern Europe to cut costs of inputs. How does it make it different in character to a
multinational capitalist firm?
The contradiction in the outlook between the managers and
workers is glaring. Howzzat?


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