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Who's siding with anybody?  I don't care what the Swiss govt. does, or what 
the US govt. does.  Don't care if he's extradited, serves time, or wanders 
the world free and easy for the rest of his days.

He's a child rapist.  That's all there is to this.  I don't advocate putting 
Polanski in prison.

At the same time, should the victim, or should her parents, or close 
relatives, blow Polanski's brains out in the street (as I most certainly 
would have done should he have raped either of my daughters),  I 1) wouldn't 
care  2) wouldn't feel a bit of sympathy for Polanski or mourn the loss of a 
"great artist" 3) wouldn't advocate putting Polanski's victim, or parents in 

I would however contribute to her/their legal defense-- as opposed to 

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Is there any other issue, any other conceivable issue, on which
Leftists can be found to side with Le Pen and against Costa-Gavras?

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