[Marxism] Contra Polanski

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 30 10:36:50 MDT 2009

Not much Marxism in that Pierre, I'm sorry to say, since none of the 
trepidation about Polanski serving time would have been expressed if this 
had been just any old thug committing any old rape and then fleeing 
prosecution.  You think Costa-Gavras and Woody Allen would be signing 
petitions in those circumstances?

And mayber there, in that, is all the Marxism we need.  This, the swirl 
around Polanski, is a swirl because he's wealthy, he has wealthy friends, 
he's a member of an elite.

As for "unhealthy resentment,"  you think maybe the victim might have a 
little resentment?

Polanski isn't being scapegoated at all, and hardly demonized-- he's been 
hailed, courted, catered to for years.  Even now the issue isn't the attack 
on the young girl, but whether it is proper to inflict the "ghosts of the 
past on an aging artist"?

On that level, like I said before, I don't give a rat's ass what happens to 
him, but he is what he is.

This is an incident with zero social importance.

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Could we please have a slightly more "marxist" discussion on this topic,
please (as opposed to a "café du commerce" ranting as we say in France)?

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