[Marxism] Contra Polanski

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
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Shane Mage, seeking significance in the legalese plea bargaining available 
to a wealthy man with powerful connections writes:

"S. Artesian [oblivious to the fact that
the charge was not rape but statutory rape] wrote"

Ignoring,of course the testimony of the victim.

And then goes on to bemoan the efforts of the US govt. to "extradite an 
artist," as if the individual's status, acclaim, accomplishments, creativity 
make those efforts more so much more hideous, unworthy, of that accorded 

Yep, zero social importance it is.   The fate of 1800 workers losing their 
jobs in LA [near Hollywood, where the aforementionaed artist used to hang 
out] because of US immigration actions-- now that's a tragedy, a crime, of 
tremendous social importance.

Think that's where I, Le Pen, and Woody Allen part company.

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