[Marxism] Universal Health Care

Daniel Koechlin d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 30 13:33:18 MDT 2009

Well... I've just finished my second bottle of red wine (côte du rhône), 
and I feel like harrowing Americans (you know... The US type..."loud and 
obnoxious"... The sort you always find when you go and visit a museum 
abroad... You're looking intently at the 2nd millennium BC only extant 
Sumerian text of the Hammurabi Code and a loud voice goes :"Honey ! Just 
LOOK at THIS ! Ain't it cute ?")

Right. Well, answer me this, how come Americans are the only western 
country that STILL DOESN'T HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE ??????????????????

Once you've answered that, we can then proceed to discuss Polanski, etc.

PS : I did once go to New York , and had lots of fun there. I found the 
people there very courteous and amenable. I haven't visited the rest of 
the US though...

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