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You know Ian, take your breast-beating liberalism somewhere else, because 
all you are doing is equivocating over the language of the law.  "Did the 
court find that he had consensual intercourse?"  If the justice system is 
bogus, corrupt, sentencing people to rape camp etc. then it's bogus corrupt 
and who gives a rat's ass about what "the court" found?

I'm not advocating Polanski be extradited.  I said I don't care.  I didn't 
say that vigilantes should shoot him, but if the victim or her parents blew 
Polanski's head off, if they went to France or Switzerland and shot him dead 
on the street, as I would have done [hey, by the way, Ian/Shane got any 
daughters? Ask them how they feel about poor persecuted Polanski],  I still 
wouldn't care, I wouldn't bemoan his fate, the loss of an artist-- but I 
would contribute to their, the parents' legal defense

The victim forgave Polanski? She doesn't want this process to proceed? 
Because of the circus and the humiliation she will be subject to as 
Mr.Polanski works the oh-so- just-us system to his advantage through his 
connections with lawyers for the elite and the media.  That's what happens 

If she doesn't want to proceed, that's fine.  OK, as I said I don't care. 
But stop this bullshit about defending an artist, who "didn't know" how old 
she was--[Ray Charles tried a defense like that, but in his case/case, he 
told the judge "Your honor, she felt of age to me."] and whether or not 
there was consent.  Next, I'm sure someone is going to bring up that she was 
wearing a mini-skirt and makeup, and from there, some genius with a pure 
Marxist soul will tell us how "she was asking for it."

My point is 1) he did force a child to have sex with him 2) he did plea 
bargain  3) he did plead guilty 4) he did flee  5) the only reason this is 
news, the only reason Woody Allen [although not you, I'm sure you're 
sincere] signed a petition is because Polanski is part of a wealthy elite 
[although Woody may have also been motivated by a bit of pre-emptive self 

So tell me, why should the treatment of Polanski be any different than the 
treatment of Mike Tyson?

Tell you what Ian, I'll take my attitude to the Republican Party provided 
you take yours to the ANC and Zuma.

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