[Marxism] Polanski (bis)

Daniel Koechlin d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 30 14:55:11 MDT 2009

Let's get back to basics

1) Polanski acknowledged the fact that he had sex with a minor (of 13) 
in 1977.

2) Polanski's wife was murdered by Charles Manson's gang in 1969.

3) In 1977, he voluntarily spent 48 days in a mental hospital, as 
ordered by a Californian judge, to ascertain his true mental status.

4) In 1977, he pleaded guilty to "unlawful sex" but declared that "he 
did not know the true age of the  young girl when he had sex with her".

5) "When I understood that I could not get  an impartial trial in 
California", says Polanski, "I decided to move to France on  1st  
February  1978".

6) He subsequently renounced his American citizenship and adopted French 

6) In 2003, he received an oscar for his film "The Pianist" (a film on 
the Holocaust), but was unable to come to the US to claim it.

7) The victim, Samantha Gardner, has publicly forgiven him and has 
withdrawn all charges.

8) This caused the Californian judge, Espinoza, to amend the charges in 
the international warrant to one of "misdemeanour".

9) Switzerland and France are presently engaged in a "war of words" over 
tax evasion. Obama seems to be taking the side of Switzerland and of 
minimising the risks posed by tax evasion. This is in line with major US 
interests who have voided last week's G20 summit in Pittburgh of any 

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