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Greg McDonald sabocat59 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 20:29:57 MDT 2009

Daniel K. wrote:

"Americans like to think in terms of "first causes". This is due to their
historical grounding in the bible (the word of God).

Once they have established a principle, they like to follow it to its
ultimate conclusion, however grotesque the results.

That's why they have guns (because of the right to bear arms), the death
penalty (he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword) and no health
care (a guy must work heard to earn his living, health is not included,
BECAUSE health is a matter of "personal" choice).

That's why 90% of Americans believe in God, as compared to 45% of
European people.

The Americans are decidedly anti-dialectic.

They are rigid, uncompromising and "tough".

And therefore, they LOVE the law. The constituion says this ... The
constitution says that ... Such and such a "legal thing" means this ...
"Authority" means this ... "Civil rights" means that ...

They are a nation of lawyers.

And such a mindset is so easy to manipulate. You just need Fox news and
CNN. Just lead people from "first causes" to logical conclusions.

Polanski had sex with a minor thirty years ago... ERGO... He must be
sentenced in California... ERGO... he must be extradited... ERGO...

And what about the fat cats who feed themselves while poor people starve ?
That is not "news-worthy". Nobody is asking for Obama to be trialed for
crimes against humanity.
That just doesn't "fit" with the American mindset."

Yawn....Tell us something we don't know...Preacher Man. If you want to
preach to the converted, you better have something to say, otherwise
you're just filling the space with dead air.

Greg McD

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