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Sun Aug 1 08:38:06 MDT 2010

The Glen Beck interview of Frank Llewellyn (Democratic Socialist of  
America) revealed for this writer the sharp difference between a communist  
project of reconstructing economic and political America and the democratic  
socialist project. An economic communist project seeks the immediate removal of  
socially necessary means of life from the free market economic. Free market  
economy cost to much. The working class cannot afford the commodities 
created by  the free market system. Increasingly, capitalist corporations cannot 
afford the  cost of the free market system. 
This means the individual will bore zero cost – directly or indirectly, for 
 socially necessary means of life.  There are several other categories  
outside socially necessary means of life that ought to be immediately taken out 
 of the free-market economy such as corporate media, the post office, the  
military and prison complex, road building and general infrastructure  
Socially necessary means of life begin with food, shelter, clothing,  
medical care, public education and transportation. Consumer consumption of  
energy – (our modern gas and electricity bills and water payments), would be  
abolished. Socially necessary means of life does not mean entitlement to a  
Mercedes Benz or grant the right of one citizen to confiscate the personal  
property of another. 
The communist project would make legal lobbying of the political  
establishment by corporate entities a crime. In my opinion the politics of  America 
communism would radically shift and restructure America’s political  
institutions. For instance the Senate should not be more powerful than the House  of 
Representatives or what would be popular organizes of citizens’ actions.  
Further, under American conditions I see not reason to invest the state - the 
 organization of violence, as property owner.  
Mr. Llewellyn spent too much of his limited time espousing a silly notion  
of democracy, devoid of the actual political liberties of the individual.   
America is prison nation and everyone knows this. The criminalization of a 
huge  section of our working class threatens to sink the entire country in a 
quagmire  of fascism. 
A communist vision in simple terms says that “corporations have no inherent 
 rights or a political voice to be respected by the working class.” The 
real  world politics of capitalist democracy prevents citizen control and  
administration of socially necessary means of life.  Democracy is above all  the 
exercise by a citizen/class over the economy and political institutions  
combined with individual political liberties or what in our country has always 
 been called “citizens rights.” 
Mr. Llewellyn confuses the trade unions with the labor movement. More than  
90% of the real proletarian movement in America is outside the trade unions 
and  this majority of America – being crushed by capital, needs an 
independent  political voice not bounded by trade union politics no matter how noble 
or  lofty. 

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