[Marxism] Stalinism and Bakuninism (was: Earliest use of word "Stalinism"?)

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 11:03:00 MDT 2010

No, no. I could understand the link with Bukharin. Nobody who has read
Deutscher´s biographies can fail to do that, not to speak of Trotsky
himself, etc.

But Bakunin of all people.

However, Lüko´s suggestion and explanation are heavily compelling, indeed.

And in more respects than one it sheds light on current events in many
places, BTW.

2010/8/1 DW <dwaltersmia at gmail.com>:
> I suspect that when Nestor first raised this he meant to say "Bukharin" not
> "Bakunin". "Bukharin" was the first to raise the issue "Socialism in one
> Country". I see that both the Bolshevik and Anarchist in question often get
> transposed with one another other.
> DAvid


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