[Marxism] Earliest use of the word "Stalnism"

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>> The Britannica article you included in your post, particularly  
the second half of it, is full of the usual anticommunist demonization  
of Stalin claptrap, utterly false stuff. <<
Grover Furr
I not sure exactly why, but I had placed the “early” use of the term  
Stalinists – as opposed to “Stalinism,” consistent with “others” in 1927 and  
specifically the “Program of the Opposition (POO),” by Leon Trotsky. In the 
 context of a scholarly inquire into the term “Stalinism” I would look to 
Soviet  party documents and local newspapers after the publication of “
Foundations of  Leninism” and before the publication of the POO. That is to say 
if I had the  skill level and inclination to undertake such an inquiry. There 
is a good chance  that “Stalinist” and “Stalinism” did not originate with 
Trotsky himself but  within the historic Bolshevik group, of which Trotsky 
was never a part. 
I understand the term “Stalinism” to convey the same complex of divergent  
political currents and propositions as the term "Leninism" or "Trotskyism" 
for  that matter.  All of these doctrinaire “ism’s” contain an inherent “
left,”  “right” and “political middle.” By definition all “ism’s” become 
conduits for a  complex of ideological and political striving of all social 
classes, layers of  society and individual inclination. 
The difference between “Stalinist” and “Stalinism” is perhaps academic at 
 this point, but I understand the former to denote a material political 
alignment  that took shape within the Soviet party after the death of Lenin and 
after  publication of “Foundations of Leninism.” I understand the former 
to denote a  departure in general Marxism doctrine – not theory, of the 1920’
s, that states  an industrial economy could be built in the Soviet Union 
without a capitalist  mode of accumulation in that, which was fundamental to 
building an industrial  society. That is to say expanded reproduction of the 
building blocks of the  industrial infrastructure or heavy machine industry, 
housing, schools, medical  facilities and public transportation did not 
take place based on the  accumulation of capital in the hands of private 
individuals or institutions. Or  as it is called by ideological Trotskyism, “
socialism in one country.” 
Thus, locating the origin of the term “Stalinism” has the potential to  
reveal the actual path of the political struggle that erupted with the death 
of  Lenin. 

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