[Marxism] Earliest use of word "Stalinism"?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 1 18:53:35 MDT 2010

Carrol Cox wrote:
> I've read almost none of this thread, nor do I intend to.

Me neither.

> But may I remark that I have, NEVER, seen one single intelligent use of
> the word in discussing politics in the United States or Western Europe.
> Every post on this list for 10 years that I have read which contained
> the word "stalinism" was a post that should not have been sent.

I am seriously thinking about not only banning discussion of Stalin and 
Trotsky but any historical figure or event occurring more than 10 years 
ago. Tom Cod only seems to get worked up over things that happened 
before I was born and that is a pretty fucking long time ago.

Maybe the next time he sits down at a keyboard, he can have a newspaper 
opened up next to him and look for something relevant to discuss--like 
the problem of chemical dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico and how that 
relates to the current BP orchestrated whitewash. Or how to assess the 
threats against entitlements like Social Security.

Sometimes I feel like I have wandered into a performance of "Krapp's 
Last Tape".

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