[Marxism] Anticommunist lie (was Re: Stalinism and Bakuninism)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 1 19:32:53 MDT 2010

Grover Furr wrote:
> Louis says we are not to discuss this or similar topics, and I'm not 
> discussing it. I'm just pointing out that this is a reactionary fiction.

Grover, your query generated a totally sterile thread. I don't think you 
had any hidden motives but to even ask relatively harmless questions 
about the origins of the term "Stalinism" is like throwing red meat into 
a lion's den here. Or maybe a dead carcass to a bunch of hyenas.

Most of the people who have dominated this discussion are old men 
fighting ancient battles. I set up Marxmail in order to supersede this 
kind of pointless wrangling.

I really have to think seriously about your next intervention here since 
every single time--every single time--it has led to suffocating and 
dessicated yawp-yawp whatever your intention.

I might have to throw some people off the list to put an end to this 
kind of nonsense.

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