[Marxism] "Animal Connection" Helps Separate Humans From Other Species

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By Kate Shaw

Ars Technica

July 28, 2010

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For centuries, people have tried to pinpoint what makes

humans unique. The most current scientific theory

suggests that three main qualities separate Homo sapiens

from other animals: the construction and use of complex

tools, the use of symbolic behavior including language,

art, and ritual, and the domestication of other plants

and animals. However, in a new paper in Current

Anthropology, Dr. Pat Shipman suggests a fourth trait

unique to humans.

Shipman cites humans' long history of learning about and

understanding animals as a unique trait, calling this

tendency "the animal connection." She claims that this

relationship is the common unifying factor that

underlies each of the other three previously recognized

human traits, and has played a major role in human

evolution over the last 2.6 million years.

It's undeniable that humans have a very close

relationship with animals. Here in the US, we spend

$41.2 billion on our pets every year. Over 60 percent of

Australian households have animals. There are more dogs

in Japan than there are children under 12. In tribal

societies, there are reports of women breast-feeding

young animals. Humans' intimate connection with animals

is nearly universal across cultures, yet interspecies

relationships are extremely rare in other animals.

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