[Marxism] Earliest use of word "Staliniam"

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>> Every post on this list for 10 years that I have read which  contained 
the word "stalinism" was a post that should not have been sent. The  very use 
of the word in referecnce to current political tendencies demonstrates  
that the user is not thinking at that point in his/her post. 
It names nothing. << 
It is a generally conceded that there existed a Stalin polarity within the  
historic international communist movement. This political polarity is 
associated  with the name of Stalin due to his leadership role in the Soviet 
party; a  specific line of march he advanced for the international communist 
movement; his  doctrine of building an industrial economy in the Soviet Union 
without  capitalist ownership of factories and that which is fundamental to 
an industrial  infrastructure and of course his theory discourse on colonial 
and national  question. Some associate the Stalin polarity or “Stalinism” 
with the logic of  the motion of the victorious proletariat in a country of 
small producers under  condition of capitalist encirclement. Some see in the 
Stalin polarity despotic  rule, kangaroo courts, the modern penal system 
(gulag) and the hangman’s noose. 
The old CPUSA was very much a part of the Stalin polarity as was perhaps  
80%, maybe even 90% of the world communist movement.  In America what  
anchored the Stalin polarity between 1928 and 1970 – specifically up to Watts  
1965 and Detroit 1967, was the Comintern’s conception of the “Negro Question.” 
My own political history is bound up with the Stalin polarity with heavy  
historical reference to his exposition on the colonial question; why and how 
the  national factor merges with and becomes expressed on the basis of 
colonies after  the first world imperialist war. This is so because the issue of “
socialism in  one country” was never a practical question for the 
spontaneous proletarian  movement in America. 
The last great split in the international communist movement was the  
rupture between the Soviet party and CCP, with the latter expressing the Stalin  
polarity up to roughly the death of Chairman Mao. 
If in fact the Stalin polarity was an “ism” or a doctrine or Stalinism, 
and  it most certainly was, then it began collapse in unison with the collapse 
of the  parties of the Comintern. 
In my estimate there no longer exists a Stalin polarity as such, although  
there apparently exists small sects and ideological bents dedicated to the  
memory of Stalin. If nothing else ideological Trotskyism cannot exist as an  
ideological bent without continuous restoration of ideological Stalinism or 
its  polarity. Thus, a new or neo Stalinism has to be invented. 

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