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In terms of specific issues and events which occurred between the 1920s and 
 1950s, they may seem of purely historical interest, but I believe them to 
be of  massive relevance to all Marxists today. Anti-Stalinism (and for that 
matter  anti-Maoism) is as fundamental to my own politics (and whole 
outlook on  everything) as is anti-capitalism; so (as a cultural historian of 
fascist Europe  as well as a musician) are the issues of popular fronts or 
united fronts, which  affect my contemporary allegiances. << 
Simply because issues of the 1920's and 1950s are important to ones  
personal political inclination does not means said issues are important to the  
spontaneous movement of the proletariat or any political group. In my estimate 
 the fundamental split and breach within the American communist movement, 
at  least since the formation of the Comintern has always been between 
syndicalism  and anarcho-syndicalism and Marxism. This split has permeated all 
ideological  currents including ideological Trotskyism and ideological 
Stalinism.  Specifically, William Z. Foster former General Secretary of the CPUSA 
remains  our most famous communist-syndicalist. 
The emergent polarity within the real time communist movement is expressed  
as the spontaneous proletarian movement shedding its old forms of struggle 
and  organization. This real time dynamic is in turn expressed within living 
real  time Marxism as an assessment of the new polarity being generated by 
the  emergence and quantitative expansion of a new technology regime. Unlike 
the  period between say 1920 and 1980, the capitalist mode of accumulation 
has  shifted from just crisis based on its internal metabolism and stands in 
 antagonism with revolutionary new means of production. 
This is no mere cyclical crisis of capital being played out. We are living  
the period of the evolutionary leap to a new post industrial revolution  
productivity regime. In plain Marxist terms we are in leap to a new mode of  
production, rather than simply fighting to impose a socialist project 
(property  relation) on the industrial system. 
One section of Marxism remains stuck in the past clinging to old doctrine.  
Over the past 10 years of affiliation with this list I have read very 
little  from any regular contributors concerning the changes in the form of the  
proletarian movement, other than what I occasionally write. For me this is 
the  list greatest shortcoming. My last contribution on this matter of change 
was to  provide the data on the shift in auto workers union from 
predominately employed  to retired members. This shift is having profound impact on 
the formation of new  forms of class insurgency. For instance there are 
roughly 350,000 members of the  UAW, with less than 100,000 employed in auto. 
There are roughly 800,000 retired  members. It is these retired workers at the 
core of real self movement of a  segment of Detroit's proletariat. 
This is hardly an academic question.  These retired workers bring a  sense 
of self organization to the spontaneous movement in real time. The trade  
union movement all of us grew up with is spent. The revolution in the means of 
 production must by definition change the social organization of labor and 
drive  the leap - transition, from old industrial trade unionism to 
something that is  slowly coming into view. The problem on the "ground floor" of 
this qualitative  change in form of organization is one of being a part of this 
living process and  fighting to shape what does not yet exist.  Elementary 
Marxism teaches all  of we are facing a change as great as the transition 
from craft unionism as  predominate to predominance of industrial union forms. 
In my opinion the whole rehashing of the Stalin-Trotsky ideological divide  
and apparent passion of "anti-Stalinism" AND equating writers to this list 
with  Zionism and Zionists is more or less a cover for sterility, 
theoretical  shabbiness and a refusal to deal in real time matters. Zionists indeed.  
Apparently you lack any awareness of the history of raising the Palestinian  
Question in America. 

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