[Marxism] Correction on "Anarcho"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 2 11:19:15 MDT 2010

Yesterday Tom Cod posted this:

> below are links to two works by Mark Leier, a professor of labor history in
> British Columbia and author of "Bakunin, the Creative Passion". In the first
> link he deals with the legacy of Bakunin in the IWW and the labor movement
> of the time, the second is part of a "classic" exchange he had with our
> moderator on these issues a number of years ago under the nom de guerre of
> "Anarcho" which I have posted here before, although in fairness to our
> esteemed moderator, he never made any statements approaching the outrageous
> calumnies presented here by Luko.
> http://anarchism.pageabode.com/anarcho/bakunin-for-21st-century-activists
> http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/anarchism/writers/anarcho/Proyect_reply.html

I have just heard from Mark Leier who told me that he is not 
"Anarcho" and did not write the second article.

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