[Marxism] Explusion warning to be taken serious

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Mon Aug 2 12:10:51 MDT 2010

>> But is it somehow permitted to worship at the shrine of  Trotsky?<<
Grover Furr
Mr. Furr, you seek an impartiality and ideological content to this list you 
 will never find. Consequently, you will be purged from this list with your 
next  inquiry. I have seen people come and go over the course of a decade 
and had my  moments of moderation, suspensions and expulsion, which I felt 
were justified  given my propensity to locker room humor and moments of self 
righteous  importance.   
The list is riveted to ideological Trotskyism rather than Marxism. Such is  
the legacy of a very narrow layer of the American intelligentsia. The good 
news  is that ideological Trotskyism and all the ideological “isms” of the 
era that  birthed Trotskyism are dead. This includes the Stalin polarity, 
political  Leninism, Chairman Mao Thought, ideological syndicalism and your 
various  romantic notions of the working class movement. 
Coming to grips with the social consequences of a revolution in the means  
of production is going to change everyone ideological tune. The here and now 
and  describing it in real time is not going to go away and continue to be 
ignored.  Nothing in Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky or Mao is going to help us. To 
put matters  bluntly, “this is some new shit,” – the undiscovered country, 
and the comrades  and I are starting to get a grip on an evolving living 
process. We have been  studying critically how our daily actions are 
accelerating the subjective  aspects of the growing polarity in our respective areas. 
Collectively we have  more experience than everyone in the material 
organization of the proletariat.  This in turn reacts upon say the union bureaucracy 
which cannot halt of prevent  the further polarization and break down of the 
unions as they have existed. 
Not withstanding the stifling ideological Trotskyism of the list, I send in 
 occasional reports and comment on events and questions of organization 
because  the lurkers on the list might find insight into a conceptual framework 
outside  ideological Trotskyism. 

Lou is not as means as he seems, but then he has to play the role of  
gendarme rather than moderator. Add to this his ideological Trotskyism, which he  
has never hidden. This is not the list to publish anything about the Stalin 
era  that is not in conformity with the regular writers on the list. 
In fact the list has been most helpful for me when dealing with highly  
theoretical issues, rather than political doctrine, which I tend to excel in.  
After all, this is about fighting, forms of organization, combating the  
political police, formulating a line of march and mastery of propaganda to win  
over individuals and segments of the population to a vision of a 
collectivist  society. 
Last week in a class I floated the proposition “the Free market economy  
cost to much” and it seems to capture the moment. Detroit is not west or east  
coast or a historic center of the intelligentsia. We know that. This makes 
the  extremely low theoretical and political level of the list baffling at 
times.  Perhaps this is just a sign of the times.  
I do have a recently published booklet called “Detroit” which was written  
for the Social Forum meeting. Roughly 30,000 people showed up and 
interestingly  my little booklet was the best selling single book at the conference.  
Send  me an address and I will send you a copy – autographed, on me. 
(Officially, the hotel count by the local Chamber of Commerce was 22,000  
with 5 – 8,000 outside hotels. The computer system crashed the first day 
after  registering 16,000 people. The official estimate at this point is 28,000. 
 Perhaps 5 – 8,000 will show up on August 28.) 
Remember, you have been publicly warned against asking questions  about the 
Stalin period. 

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