[Marxism] NPR on Venezuelan unions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 2 18:52:18 MDT 2010

James Holstun wrote:

> ALL THIS CONSIDERED ran a particularly partisan piece tonight, all
> but accusing Hugo Chavez of assassinating tens of labor union
> organizers--more than in Colombia. Could someone please provide some
> context?
> http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128930031

The context is that NPR is a propaganda outlet for the CIA and the State 

Here's a typical NPR dispatch from Venezuela that I dredged up from 
Lexis-Nexis. There are 57, all along the same lines.

National Public Radio (NPR)

February 14, 2009 Saturday

SHOW: Weekend Edition Saturday 9:00 AM EST NPR

Tough Tactics Ahead Of Venezuela Term-Limit Vote

LENGTH: 664 words


In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez
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is asking his countrymen to approve a referendum to drop term limits and 
allow him to extend his rule. His opponents call Mr. Chavez an autocrat, 
and for proof, they point to the way he's tried to hold on to power in 
Caracas even after losing elections there. NPR's Juan Forero reports 
from the Venezuelan capital.

JUAN FORERO: In November, opposition leaders celebrated after winning 
key posts in elections for governors and mayors, no more so than here in 
Caracas, where Antonio Ledezma captured city hall. But over the next few 
weeks, President Chavez's red-shirted supporters, some armed, occupied 
at least four buildings, including city hall. And incoming officials 
said they've been prevented from using their offices.

(Soundbite of music)

FORERO: The bugle calls some of Chavez's most ardent followers to 
action. People like Nancy Roxas(ph). She is one of the government 
loyalists now occupying government buildings.

Ms. NANCY ROXAS: (Foreign language spoken)

FORERO: Roxas says she lost her job when Ledezma, a strident foe of 
Chavez, won city hall, a job she says was designed to, among other 
things, advance Chavez's efforts to transform Venezuela into a socialist 

With the buildings occupied, the mayor now runs a city from offices on 
the 19th floor of a downtown skyscraper. Ledezma says he was no match 
for the armed men who took over city hall.

Mayor ANTONIO LEDEZMA (Caracas, Venezuela): (Foreign language spoken)

FORERO: Ledezma says he may have the authority, but his opponents wield 
violence. Other vital city agencies share offices with Ledezma's staff. 
Workers and managers said that not only have they been barred from their 
offices, but they found them ransacked, computers stolen, files had 
disappeared. Angel Rangel is chief of security for the city. He said 
motorcycles and other vehicles were missing.

Mr. ANGEL RANGEL (Chief of Security, Caracas, Venezuela): They destroyed 
the building, all the contents inside. They destroyed the previous 
information - the information for the last four years. Not only the 
information, but actually, the equipment - most of the equipment was 
destroyed. The (unintelligible) disappeared, the database disappeared.

FORERO: City workers also found that the previous mayor, a close ally of 
Chavez, had hired nearly 9,000 workers on a contract basis. But Ledezma 
said they weren't hired for traditional city jobs. Speaking to 
supporters on a recent day, he said they were instead used to campaign 
in neighborhoods, also to serve as bodyguards to Chavez lawmakers in 
Congress and as shock troops to intimidate foes.

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