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Mon Aug 2 19:37:12 MDT 2010

Thanks, Louis. Juan Forero is the reporter for both NPR stories. He seems to be a pretty serious thug, and was instrumental in spreading the Chavez-as-antisemite story, which did its work before it was debunked. NPR Check has quite a bit on him.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


FAIR has an illuminating study  recently published showing the huge disparity
in US Newspaper coverage of human rights in Venezuela and Colombia over the
past 10 years. Their findings show that in spite of Colombia having an
"appalling" human rights record - horrific compared to Venezuela's
shortcomings - the US press coverage focuses almost exclusively on Venezuela
and Hugo Chavez. Like the US Newspapers, NPR has a thing about focusing on
Venezuela and Chavez and their main man for such assignments is Juan Forero.


Forero - always happy to push the State
Department or CIA narrative on Latin America - is on this morning to portray
the Chavez government as dangerously antisemitic.


Forero notes that despite Chavez'
denunciation of the recent synagogue vandalism "questions are being raised
over whether the government's recent language against Israel is creating a
climate of hate. In January Chavez broke relations with Israel over that
country's military strikes against Gaza. He called Israel's actions genocidal
and expelled Israeli diplomats." Of course Forero doesn't note that
Israel's violent actions against Palestinians fit the legal definition of
genocide: "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a
national, ethnical, racial or religious group."


Forero purports that Chavez's remarks
have had "an aggressive tone" "that borders on
antisemitic." Forero sneers that in the past Chavez claimed the 2002 coup
against him was "hatched by the CIA and Israel's secret service
Mossad" and "claimed the gunmen that day were Jewish." Now what
kind of nutbar would claim Israel's involvement in genocidal and rightwing
Latin American governments. He also fails to mention that a prominent
Venezuelan rabbi was present with the coup leaders in the immediate aftermath
of the coup.


Forero closes his piece with this
chestnut: Andreas (a Holocaust survivor) "knew exactly what the
ramifications were. He's a Romanian Jew who survived the Holocaust and then
came to Venezuela..." Ah yes, the Chavez denunciations of Israel's
slaughter of Palestinians caused the antisemitic attack on the synagogue and
it's like Kristalnacht all over again!


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