[Marxism] Explusion warning to be taken serious

johnaimani johnaimani at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 2 20:39:35 MDT 2010


I agree w the comrade that "this is some new shit" and that all of the 
ideological baggage of the past has and continues to hinder.  New 
thinking and new methods of working interaction with the mass of our 
class is necessitated.

Regarding the moderator must disagree in that no attempt has been made 
to prevent my postings from an anarchist-Marxist perspective.  Indeed, 
he has hosted my (long) papers on line.  Moderating a listserve requires 
an immoderate amount of time.  I know as I do so for a list reaching 
1400 in LA. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dope_x_resistancela/)  In 
addition, the moderator has provided a huge mass of information w his 
postings of papers from other sources.  I cannot imagine how he can 
review the amount of info that he sends.  This heavy heavy workload has 
perhaps, at times, contributed to his being quick on the draw about 
expulsions.  Yet, as we have seen, in the case of Angelus Novus (and 
others) he has reversed himself.

Comrades, we must talk w each other and do so with the idea of not being 
correct but that of finding the way to making a revolution.  Battles won 
on-line do not necessarily, and most often do not, translate to 
victories on the battlefield that is class war.


On 11:59 AM, Waistline2 at aol.com wrote:
>>> But is it somehow permitted to worship at the shrine of  Trotsky?<<
> Grover Furr
> Comment
> Mr. Furr, you seek an impartiality and ideological content to this list you
>   will never find. Consequently, you will be purged from this list with your
> next  inquiry.

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