[Marxism] The Banality of Anti-Israel Lobby Doctrine

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Tue Aug 3 13:33:37 MDT 2010

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The Israel Lobby has for decades played an integral role in promoting
American support for Israeli depredations, and in shaping the ideological
and sanitizing component of American geopolitical strategy in relation to
oil. Nevertheless, those so-called realists who claim that the Lobby drives
American foreign policy in Israel’s interests and which undermine U.S.
interests—and who have been especially dogmatic and vitriolic in the wake of
Mearsheimer/Walt (2006)—have in effect enlisted an aspect of the Palestinian
rights movement in the service of imperial U.S. elite interests. In doing
so, they have propagated a remarkably banal account of the U.S., Israel,
Palestine, and our wars in the region.

The doctrinaire anti-Lobby phenomenon on the left has found its platform
most noticeably at the popular websites Counterpunch and Mondoweiss. Jeffrey
Blankfort, accurately described by Left Business Observer’s Doug Henwood as
a “toxic character,” holds forth regularly on both sites, including in the
Comments section on Mondoweiss, where he disciplines anti-anti-Lobby
heretics such as me in dismissive fashion, having accused me of “drinking
Chomsky’s Kool-Aid.”

Blankfort has, incredibly, taken on the mission and obsession of convincing
the pro-Palestinian community that Noam Chomsky has for all these years
worked tirelessly and insidiously to undermine the Palestinian cause: first
by criticizing American and Israeli policies (for the cover of credibility);
second by challenging the notion of the all-powerful Lobby, and thus
undermining efforts to ferret out the Zionist conspirators among those who
have made it so difficult for the U.S. to control Middle East oil. Blankfort
asserts that this has indeed been a conscious strategy on Chomsky’s part,
and he clearly has the approval of his internet proprietors in his efforts
to convince others of this astonishing turn of events in the history of
Zionist and anti-American strategy.

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