[Marxism] Just An FYI on Howard Zinn's Forthcoming Book

Bill Quimby wquimby at embarqmail.com
Wed Aug 4 15:08:01 MDT 2010

I'm clipping this out of the City Lights email newsletter, thinking that many Marxmailers
will be interested in Zinn's last book.

- Bill


"August 2010 marks the 65th anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Japan. We're proud to
announce our newest City Lights publication, timed for this anniversary: Howard
Zinn's The Bomb. Completed just prior to his death in January 2010, in many ways The
Bomb is, as Jonah Raskin has called it, "Zinn's last confession." Here we get Zinn's
own story about participating as a bombardier in WWII, as well as his trip in 1966 to
a "house of rest" in Hiroshima where survivors of the bombing gathered. Zinn offers
deep personal reflections on his transformation from an order-taking combat soldier
to one of our greatest anti-authoritarian, anti-war historians, and the argument he
makes is urgent and direct: There simply is no situation, however atrocious, to ever
justify the use of nuclear weapons."

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