[Marxism] I'll stick with the swamp

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 5 10:22:24 MDT 2010

With an article titled France: Where is the NPA going?  you have 
to assume that you have entered the rarefied circles of 
Trotskyism. Of course, if you wanted to establish your orthodoxy 
at the outset, it would have been better to title the article 
“Whither the NPA?”

It appears that the French anti-capitalist party launched by the 
LCR has a lot of Trotskyists upset, in this instance the French 
co-thinkers of Alan Woods whose website In Defense of Marxism 
(IDOM) shares the title of the American SWP’s collection of 
letters and articles written by Trotsky in the Shachtman-Burnham 
fight. It is there where Trotsky coined the famous phrase “from a 
scratch to gangrene” that perhaps better than any other words 
epitomizes the Talmudic sensibilities of this movement. In just 
about every faction fight that took place in the SWP since Trotsky 
uttered these words, there is always a dichotomy between the 
“proletarian” and “petty bourgeois” wing of the party that can 
implicitly only be resolved through a split, which nips the 
gangrene in the bud. This purification process kept being repeated 
over and over in the Trotskyist movement until you ended up with a 
myriad of rival Fourth Internationals. Fortunately, history has 
moved forward to the point when most sensible Marxist activists 
appear ready to drop this self-defeating ritualistic methodology.


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