[Marxism] Brown is the new Black, "illegal" is the new nigger, but cancer is cancer

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 6 22:28:07 MDT 2010

	Yes "nigger" is an ugly word -- and worse. It is genocide in six letters.

	Hateful like fag, kike, cunt and many --or perhaps in reality not so 
many-- others. But it needs to be said because the axis of U.S. politics 
is moving towards Pinochet and Hitler territory by the day, and the sort 
of people that I hope would be noticing are not.

	The hijoeputada* [see footnote] of the week comes from Arizona State 
Senator Russell Pearce, the author of SB-1070. He's got a new proposal: 
kick the children of unauthorized immigrants out from public schools. 
And make them just as undocumented as their parents by denying them 
birth certificates.

	He can't change the constitution that makes anyone born in the United 
States a citizen -- but he thinks he can keep those dirty spic babies 
from proving where they were born, or even that they were born at all.

	“Blame the parents,” Pearce told the inside-baseball Washington web 
site POLITICO. “They’re breaking the law, and you can’t reward them.”

	Punishing the children for the misdeeds of the parents is an old idea. 
Way back in feudal days when your station in life was determined by your 
father, it was known as "corruption of blood" and you will find it 
specifically prohibited in the U.S. Constitution in Article III, Section 
2. Except, of course, that the Constitution takes it up in the framework 
of treason.

	The idea that working for a living should be considered a crime worthy 
of punishing children for their parents' misdeeds hadn't yet been 
invented by the gavachos. And anyways, the authors of the Constitution 
thought they had that covered in that article as well as in Article I, 
Section 9: "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."

	A "Bill of Attainder" is a law that declares a certain individual or 
class of persons to be criminals, and proclaims them to be outside the 
law, meaning that their civil and political rights are forfeit, and 
their titles and properties go to their feudal lord, or the crown, 
rather than to that person's heirs.

	Now you may wonder how such a prohibition could be compatible with 
slavery. Of course it wasn't which is why Section 9 of Article I starts 
by flat out authorizing slavery: "The ... Importation of such Persons as 
any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be 
prohibited by the Congress," and so on.

	That, of course, was reversed by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments 
--for those of you who are textual fetishists-- or by Sherman's 
scorched-earth march through Georgia and other facts on the ground, for 
those more materialistically inclined.

	Which did not stop the Russell Pearces of an earlier age from 
re-imposing slavery in all but name with Jim Crow --as Apartheid was 
originally called-- and the monstrously hypocritical, 
wipe-your-ass-with-this-one, Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision 
saying "separate but equal" was OK, even though the whole point of 
separate was to screw the Blacks, not treat them equally, and not even 
the most retarded moron, or Supreme Court Justice (there I go again 
repeating myself), could possibly deny it.

	And oh yeah, Mexicans got screwed, too, but that was an afterthought. 

	Gravy back then, but not no more. Now it's the meat and potatoes.

	American public discourse and politics are increasingly dominated by a 
lunatic fringe.

	Don't believe me? Look at the recent CNN birther poll. That a 
"respectable" news organization like CNN --not a medieval flat-earther 
toilet bowl like FOX News-- could even conduct such a poll tells you much.

	But you learn even more from discovering that only 42 percent of those 
United Statesians polled are sure Obama was born in this country.

	Nearly three out of five Americans aren't sure that President Obama 
even qualifies to run for the office he holds.

	And more than ONE FOURTH think Obama probably --or certainly-- was not 
born in Hawaii or elsewhere in the USA, making him not just an illegal 
alien, but an illegal president.

	The other 31 percent think Obama is probably American -- but they're 
just not sure.

	And that's ALL Americans -- not just white folks. You can imagine what 
the figures for gavachos were -- and you have to imagine them, because 
CNN decided to keep them secret.

	To put these figures in perspective...

	That 27% "birther" faction is even more than blame the Bolsheviks in 
Bulgaria for the recent Bubonic Plague epidemic.

	WTF? What Bolsheviks in Bulgaria?

	Never mind that -- what Bubonic Plague epidemic.?!


	Or in the immortal words of somebody or other, "Nobody ever went broke 
underestimating the intelligence of the American Public."

	And fortunes have been made positing that gavachos simply don't have 
any intelligence to underestimate.

	At all.

	Just look at Congress.

	Thursday night before adjourning and without debate the 
oh-so-fiscally-conservative members of the US Senate passed --without as 
much as a single amendment-- a proposal that had been introduced four or 
five hours earlier to flush another 600 million dollars down the "border 
enforcement" toilet.

	They're buying another 1500 jack-booted thugs for la migra, and a ton 
of new unmanned drones for joystick jockeys in Nevada to play with.

	Meanwhile the corpses are piled six high in Arizona's Pima County 
morgue. July brought six dozen more. The coroner had to rent a 
refrigerated trailer to stash them. But who cares if you fry in the 
Arizona desert. Certainly not the white man.

	I saw it on spic CNN (in Spanish), but not on white CNN in English. And 
I searched for it. Even among the usual suspects, like Rick Sanchez. 
Nothing. Nada. Zip.

	Tomorrow is the 80th anniversary of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and 
Abram Smith in Marion, Indiana. They were suspected of killing a white 
factory worker and raping his companion. The photograph of two black 
teenagers hanging from a tree became the iconic image that inspired Abel 
Meeropol to write Strange Fruit, which Billie Holiday immortalized.

	Even today, my fellow hacks write, about Marion, Indiana, "But the case 
was never solved." Maybe the n****rs had it coming. Maybe not.

	And Abel and his wife went on to become the foster parents of Robert 
and Michael Meeropol, the sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed 
for giving Russia the secret of the atom bomb.

	I don't know if they did it or not. But if they did, in the future 
there will be monuments to their memory and cities named after them. 
Because otherwise 60 years ago the United States would certainly have 
nuked East Germany, the Soviet Union, and the People's Republic of China 
-- poisoning the entire ecosphere in the process.

	And today is the 65th of Hiroshima. The genocidal state terrorist 
attack on a civilian population center bereft of any military 
significance carried out just to show the Soviet Union's "Uncle Joe" who 
was boss.

	Followed three days later by an immensely more criminal --because it 
was immensely more unnecessary, even for the real purpose of it, which 
had nothing to do with its victims or even Japan-- atom bombing of 
Nagasaki. Just to show the russkies that not only could we do it again, 
but we would, no matter how gratuitously murderous the attack, without 
the least regard for decency, or human life.

	And today, for the first time, the American, Brit and French 
ambassadors went to the ceremony in Hiroshima. After all, almost 
certainly anyone that survived would be dead by now, so they couldn't be 
offended.  And why not have America's ambassador there? Who could object 
to a Goebbels at an Auschwitz memorial?

	I mean, maybe the yids didn't -- but the Japs certainly had it coming.

	And what about the illegals in the Arizona desert? Did they have it 
	Why do you even have to ask? Russell Pearce would say, "what part of 
illegal don't you understand?"

	Let me put it to you straight.

	America is not a country: it is a cancer.

	And I know all about cancer -- well, not all, but enough.

	I had cancer last year. It had me by the throat. I joked that the 
doctors zapped me with so much radiation that I glowed in the dark.

	Basically the treatment is to come as close to killing you as is needed 
to kill the part of you that is most alive, most vital, that is most 
fruitful, and is multiplying and growing the most: the tumor in your throat.

	But I survived, and a year on, I'm almost 100 lbs. lighter --you really 
can't eat that much when your throat is all swollen and raw from being 
burned by radiation and poisoned by chemotherapy-- but I'm alive and 
cancer free.

	And sometimes I fear that's what it will take to rid the world of its 
cancer -- and I hope that someone will be able to administer the treatment.


* hijoeputada: Most of us spics won't need any translation. As for 
everyone else, I'm sure some of your best friends are spics. Ask them.

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