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2010/8/7 Gary MacLennan <gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com>:
> Hi Joaqin
> Just to let you know that I read this and was very moved and alarmed by it.
> The first breaks from this Recession seem indeed to be working for the
> Right, but a turn will come.  Never lose sight of that.

A turn will certainly come, that´s true, Gary.

But first things first.

The road map should be clearly established; first of all.

And I have seldom read a map as accurate as that which Joaquín has drawn.

There was a Latin American poet, a Cuban, Nicolás Guillén, who wrote a
poem to Little Rock, when Governor Faubus gave his famous stroke
against Black citizens. The poem, not surprisingly named "Little
Rock", ended with the following lines which are becoming prophesy:

Y bien, ahora,
señoras y señores, señoritas,
ahora niños,
ahora viejos peludos y pelados,
ahora indios, mulatos, negros, zambos,
ahora pensad lo que sería
el mundo todo Sur,
el mundo todo sangre y todo látigo,
el mundo todo escuela de blancos para blancos,
el mundo todo Rock y todo Little,
el mundo todo yanqui, todo faubus...
Pensad por un momento,
imaginadlo un solo instante.

All right. Now,
ladies and gentlemen, young ladies,
children now,
now hairy and bald old men,
now indians, mulattos, blacks, "zambos" [1],
now think you what would it be,
the world all South,
the world all blood and whip,
the world all school of whites for whites,
the world all Rock and all Little,
the world all yanqui, all faubus...
Think for a moment
just guess it for a second.

it is some years already (perhaps after reading some most interesting
postings in this list, and certainly after some particular postings
that appeared here after Katrina) that I arrived at the conclusion
that the transformation of the US bourgeoisie into an imperialist
bourgeoisie cannot be separated from the agreement between the robber
barons of the North and the children of the slaveowners in the South.

At the ideological level, this provided the material foundation for
the replacement of the national/democratic ideology so well
represented in the writings of Marx Twain (the founder of the first
Anti-imperialist league in the US, don´t forget). This ideology had
brought about the American Civil War (and, yes, as Joaquín remembers,
Sherman´s scorched earth march through Georgia which put an end to
slavery), and did not fit with the new state of mind required by the
imperialist expansion. So that it was replaced by the
imperialist/racist ideology that pervades US thinking today.

This was not easy, nor immediate. It took decades, a century perhaps.
I still remember Norman Mailer´s honest depiction of the Pacific
scenario of World War 2 as simply an expansionist, colonialist, war:
IMHO, Mailer was expressing the alarm of honest Liberal US citizens
against what he felt was a possible turn of things (he did not seem to
know too much of how long his country had advanced into that road).
But nevertheless I have the impression that at least until Reagan
there was never a single clear signal that the general mood that had
been established by the Civil War would be replaced by the stinking,
"all faubus", ideology of these days. The last prairie fire, the final
and shining last glow of the ideology that was in process of being
murdered was the glorious movement for Civil Rights in the South, so

But after formal equality was established, the whole machine began to
work again in order to allow us to witness this that we are
withnessing today: what will an "all faubus" world look like.

Once this is clearly established, we can start thinking about how to
make a turn Left.

[1] A child of American aborigin and black parents. Sorry if the
translation does not make justice to the original, BTW.


Néstor Gorojovsky
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